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The latest mantra??

“Talent Purchasing” is also referred to as “Poaching”
This is what companies are adopting today. It is believed that buying talent rather than developing it is the way to go.
We have the exact specification of the talent you are looking for.

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    • @danny1 - July 4, 2023

      If you understand how it works; you play it.
      Get a better staff for the job and pay better remuneration. Win-win Affair

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    • King Debrah - July 4, 2023

      Poaching is not a bad thing. If your employer is aware you could be poached they will turn to treat you with respect and also give your rightful due.

      In some organisations, there’s a little level of respect to employees and it creates insecurity in your mind thus low level of commitment and ownership. But when a competitive employer identifies your worth, why not.

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